Leading doctor reports on the greatest anti-aging advance in decades:

Your chances of living LONGER and BETTER just went up 400%!

New discovery is 400% more powerful than the greatest age-fighter of the 20th Century — resveratrol!

Imagine being 400% more youthful, more healthy, more alert, more energetic and more alive! That's what's happening to people around the world.

Now You Can

Dear Lover of Life,

Let me tell you what makes me really angry as a doctor. I hate it when I see the pain, fear, dread and worry that so many people unnecessarily endure as they get older ...

... fighting one health problem after another
... debilitated by more and more aches and pains
... losing energy, becoming less active and less able to do the things they love
... losing the ability to concentrate, remember, follow conversations
... fearing the loss of independence
... popping more and more pills
... spending more and more time in the doctor's office, afraid of what his next report will reveal
... wasting away in a hospital or nursing home
... worried about medical expenses

And I really hate it when other doctors say, "Well, it's all just a part of getting older!"

This makes me want to shout: IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! No one should have to spend their final years like that!

Your golden years should be your best years. And now they can be!

I'm writing to tell you about an exciting new advance in anti-aging ... and the simple steps you can take — starting now — to not only live LONGER, but also live BETTER — with better health, energy, memory, and ability to do all the things you love for as long as possible.

It starts with the greatest anti-aging breakthrough of the past century: RESVERATROL

You've probably heard about resveratrol, the groundbreaking nutrient found in the skin of grapes and in red wine.

It's been praised world-wide as a miracle for your heart and a fountain of
youth for your whole body.

  • Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Health Clinic, MIT and other
    prestigious institutions reported on it.
  • It was celebrated by 60 Minutes, CBS News, Newsweek, The Wall
    Street Journal, Fox News
    and others.
  • Barbara Walters of ABC News even said that thanks to resveratrol
    "living well past 100 could actually be possible."

Resveratrol was the breakthrough that showed us what was possible.

It showed us how to slow down aging — by changing the messages that our genes send to our bodies. It showed how to REVERSE the damage of a high fat diet.

It got us dreaming of being active, energetic, youthful and vital through our 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

It helped millions live longer, fuller lives.

But resveratrol was just the first big step
in the fight against premature aging

Like the first car, the first airplane, the first computer, resveratrol was the first really powerful natural anti-aging supplement.

But it was just the beginning.

Scientists kept looking for even better ways to protect your cells and organs against the ravages of aging ... to boost your energy, your mental alertness, your immune system ... and more!

And they struck gold! Now I'm happy to report:

An exciting new advance that is 400%
more powerful than resveratrol alone!

This new discovery builds on what we learned with resveratrol and takes it further — much, much further.

It contains super-nutrients that work synergistically with resveratrol and MULTIPLY its age-fighting effects in your body. That's why I call it a Super Resveratrol Complex.

It harnesses all of your body's biological processes to fight the effects of aging inside your cells and organs every day — 400% better than resveratrol!

Very quickly, you'll feel a new surge of life and energy ... a new sense of vitality ... a sharper, quicker mind ... a greater sense of overall health!

This Super Resveratrol Complex is a giant step forward in the fight against aging!

In this report you'll learn about the science behind it and the people from all over the world whose lives have been transformed by it. So please take a few minutes to read this.

Believe me, you do not want to spend your golden years just wasting away. And if you'll take a few simple steps now, you won't have to!

"I'm not over the hill.
I'm just getting started!"

"This new formula harnesses your biological processes to fight aging in every cell, every day — 4 times better than resveratrol alone. That's why we call it BIO 4 ... and that's why it will give you a new lease on life for decades to come!"

It's a funny thing: when people shop for a car they will do all kinds of research so they can make the best choice.

But when it comes to living longer and living better, many people leave that to chance. They don't do the research — even though this is way more important than which car you buy!

So I've made it my life's work
to do the longevity research for you.

In the search for a better age fighter, I've traveled the world, including Central America and Africa, and worked closely with teams of specialists and researchers.

You see, we knew that as great as resveratrol is, it has its limitations.

  • Resveratrol metabolizes too fast and quickly breaks down into a form your body's organs can't use.
  • About 80% of the resveratrol you take is quickly flushed out of your system before it can do you any good!

To put it bluntly ...

Most of the
resveratrol you
take is flushed
down the toilet!

Even with these limitations, resveratrol took the world by storm! So researchers didn't want to just write it off. Instead, they began asking some important questions ...

How can we improve on resveratrol's age-fighting abilities? What other nutrients work like resveratrol? What can we combine with resveratrol to make it work even better?

This led to ...

The discovery of a "super resveratrol"
that is 400% more bioavailable

The first thing researchers did was look for "resveratrol analogs" — other nutrients that were very similar to resveratrol.

And they struck the mother lode with the discovery of pterostilbene.

Pterostilbene (tare-oh-STILL-bean) is an amazing nutrient found in blackberries, cranberries and grapes.

It is almost identical in structure to resveratrol. But there is one small difference in its chemical makeup that makes it far easier for your cells and organs to absorb and use.

How much easier?

On a good day, resveratrol is only about 20% bioavailable. So your body can only benefit from about one-fifth of the resveratrol you take.

But tests show that pterostilbene is 80%-94% bioavailable. That makes it 400% more useful, more effective, more helpful in the fight against aging. In fact ...

Everything resveratrol does for you, pterostilbene
does 400% better!

  • Pterostilbene absorbs into cells faster and stays in organs longer
  • It boosts energy better — so you feel younger
  • It boosts metabolism and immune system better
  • It does a better job of helping you manage blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation
  • It cleanses your arteries better
  • It helps you manage cholesterol better
  • It helps melt fat better than resveratrol
  • It switches on your "life extensions" genes — 400% better!
  • It searches for and destroys dangerous free radicals — 400% better
  • It even extends brain cell life to improve memory and concentration

This is why we've made pterostilbene the lead ingredient in our new formula, BIO 4.

And this also explains why people who take BIO 4 with pterostilbene are reporting a huge boost of energy, youthfulness, vitality and health! It's changing lives! (You'll read many of their stories in this report.)

So now that we have "super resveratrol" (in the form of pterostilbene) we can just forget about "old" resveratrol, right?

Not so fast. Researchers were also amazed to discover ...

Combining pterostilbene with resveratrol makes both even more powerful, more effective!

Incredibly, pterostilbene actually helps to unleash resveratrol's age-fighting powers better than ever before.

That's why we've also included a generous amount of resveratrol in every dose of BIO 4.

When you take BIO 4, you're getting the benefits of the greatest age-fighting breakthrough of the last century — resveratrol—plus the benefits of today's greatest age-fighting breakthrough — pterostilbene.

And when resveratrol and pterostilbene are combined, the synergistic effect of them working together to protect your body is even more powerful than either one of them alone.

I think you can see why I'm so excited about BIO 4 with both pterostilbene and resveratrol in it, working together.

I tell everyone about it. And I take it every day, and feel terrific! My mind is sharper. I feel more alive. I can stay active all day and through the evening.

But I have to warn you...

Beware of cheap, watered-down
pterostilbene rip-offs!

"The pure form of pterostilbene in BIO 4 is 19 TIMES more active than most on the market! This is why I take it myself and recommend it to EVERYONE over 40!"

It's true: pterostilbene really is a "Super Resveratrol" that is 400% more powerful than ordinary resveratrol. But only if you get it in its purest form!

BIO 4 delivers a pure, high-quality, patented form of pterostilbene which was named the "North American Most Promising Ingredient of the Year" recently.

Most other supplement makers use a cheaper, watered-down version of pterostilbene. That way, they can claim the benefits of using this breakthrough, without investing in the real thing.

What's the difference? The watered-down pterostilbene others use only has 5% active ingredients. (The rest is filler.)

But our patented form of pterostilbene has 95% active ingredients. That makes it 19 times more active than others on the market!

Many supplements use a weak form of pterostilbene with only 5% active ingredients. BIO 4 uses a pure form of pterostilbene with 95% active ingredients.

In fact, this particular form of pterostilbene was reported on at the American Heart Association's High Blood Pressure Research Session in 2012. Participants in a test had significant reductions in their blood pressure compared to a placebo, and pterostilbene also improved weight loss.

That's why we put only the purest and best pterostilbene in BIO 4.

The anti-oxidant power of
eating 96,000 blueberries every day!

Today's most prominent theory of aging states that it's primarily caused by free radicals, those tiny "bio-terrorists" roaming around inside your body, wreaking havoc on your cells and organs.

Free radicals are responsible for so many of the "side effects" of aging that leave us feeling old before our time. They make aging a painful, downward spiral.

Fortunately, anti-oxidants have the power to find and destroy free radicals in your body — to help keep you healthy, energetic, active and pain-free.

And pterostilbene may be the most powerful antioxidant ever.

One dose of BIO 4 with pterostilbene gives you the antioxidant equivalent of eating over 96,000 blueberries!

No wonder people across America report feeling younger, more alive, more healthy, more energetic day and night from taking BIO 4.

 Order Bio 4 Now!

BIO 4 slashes your body's ability
to produce fat cells by 68%!

"Make no mistake. This alone could add years to your life,
not to mention making you healthier and more energetic now.
It's just one of the reasons I guarantee BIO 4 without reservation."

I'll be frank with you: fat can kill you. Or shorten your life. Or make you sicker, more miserable, less energetic, and more vulnerable to disease.

The way our bodies handle fat is critical to how long and how well we live.

And that's why I wanted to make sure that BIO 4 also included quercetin, a super-nutrient found in deep red foods like apples, grapes and red wine.

Quercetin is not only a natural fat-fighter; when it's combined with resveratrol, it actually unlocks resveratrol's fat-fighting power! Let me explain how.

Both quercetin and resveratrol work to block the process in your body that forms fat cells. (This process is called adipogenisis.) Both tell your body to STOP forming "pre-fat" cells.

But when you put the two of them together, you end up with nature's most
powerful fat-fighting secret! Here's why:

  • Studies show resveratrol by itself slashes fat cell creation by 9%.
  • Quercetin slashes fat cell creation by 15%.
  • But when you put them together, they reduce fat cell creation by over 68%!

This is astounding! It means that ...

Quercetin actually increases resveratrol's
fat burning ability by over 700%!

Now, I'm not claiming that BIO 4 is a weight-loss product. You still need to exercise and watch what you eat. You can't throw common sense out the window!

But we all know that it's really, really hard to lose weight and keep it off. You feel like your body is working against you.

Quercetin plus resveratrol gets your body working for you, to make it easier to lose weight and keep it off.

And that's just the beginning of what quercetin does for you. It also...

  • Helps you keep cholesterol under control

    In a 10-week study, male smokers who took 100 mg of quercetin daily reduced their LDL cholesterol and increased their HDL (good) cholesterol. Glucose levels also went down.

    In a 2-month study, 200 patients with high cholesterol took quercetin or a placebo. Quercitin lowered LDL (bad) cholesterol by a surprising 26%! It also lowered triglycerides.

  • Helps you keep your blood pressure under control

    In a 6-week study with 93 overweight volunteers, quercetin lowered blood pressure while also reducing levels of LDL cholesterol.

  • Helps bring down inflammation, boost your immune system, improve blood flow, prevent artery hardening, wash out free radicals and more!

    Quercetin plus resveratrol plus pterostilbene is truly an amazing combination. But there was one more proven age-fighter we wanted to include.

Turn on your "longevity genes" —
and get "skinny person genes" to boot!

Anti-aging experts love resveratrol because it turns on the "longevity gene" (a gene called SIRT-1) that defends the body against obesity and other age-related ills.

And now the combination of pterostilbene and resveratrol in BIO 4 does all of that FOUR TIMES BETTER.

Plus the combination of quercetin and resveratrol in BIO 4 increases your body's ability to burn fat — giving you "skinny person genes" too!

(Maybe now you can get back into those old jeans you used to wear!)

Slam-dunk protection against
the heartbreak of heart problems

BIO 4 gives you the single most important heart nutrient in nature — and boosts your energy as well!

You probably know that heart disease is the leading killer today.

So to help protect your heart, we've included one other genuine breakthrough in the BIO 4 formula — the most powerful heart nutrient in nature.

I'm sure you've heard of CoQ10. You may even be taking it.

And with good reason. In 1978, Paul Mitchell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for reporting what CoQ10 does for your heart and energy.

Today, we know that if you're over 40, you must replenish your stores of CoQ10. Here's why.

CoQ10 is key to fueling the energy in all your cells — especially heart cells!

Every cell in your body needs energy to function.

And all your cells get their energy from tiny "power plants" called mitochondria.

CoQ10 is the key enzyme inside the mitochondria that sparks the energy — energy that makes it possible for you to live. Energy that keeps your brain remembering, your lungs breathing, and your heart beating.

(No wonder Mitchell won the Nobel Prize for figuring this out!)

But here's the catch.

As you age, your levels of CoQ10 are falling,
and this depletes your store of energy

No wonder you get up in the morning "feeling old." No wonder it's harder to stay awake in the evening. No wonder you feel tired all the time.

Your supply of CoQ10 is draining away!

If you don't do something about this, the tiny power plants in your cells will begin to fade and go out — like the lights going out in a city during a power failure!

Once you're past 40, your body needs a constant infusion of CoQ10 — and so does your heart! (Low CoQ10 levels are even linked to heart failure.)

Taking CoQ10 is proven to maintain "optimal cellular health" and "optimal mitochondrial function." It helps keep your cellular power plants turned on and burning bright!

So you can see why I absolutely insisted that BIO 4 include CoQ10.

With the combination of resveratrol, pterostilbene (the Super Resveratrol) plus quercetin and CoQ10, BIO 4 gives you a comprehensive, single-source for all the nutrients your body needs most to fight aging — today and for decades to come.

Give your entire body a
"biology makeover" — inside and out!

"Like no other formula in the world, BIO 4 gets all your cells and organs
working to fight the effects of aging. This is why it makes people feel
SO GOOD ... and helps them stay healthy and vital!"

No, you don't have to just settle for the biology you inherited — complete with all the age-related health problems of your parents and grandparents. You can give your body a "biology makeover" by eating right, exercising, and taking BIO 4 every day.

Rewrite your DNA to

There's a good reason why resveratrol has been praised by Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Health Clinic, MIT, 60 Minutes, CBS News, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News and others.

Resveratrol slows down aging in the same way that putting yourself on an extremely low-calorie diet would slow down aging.

Here's why. Scientists know that when they put lab animals on an extremely low-calorie diet, this switches ON "life extension" genes that literally extend lifespans in these animals.

In the same way, taking resveratrol tricks your body into thinking it's on a very low calorie diet. It switches on those same "life extension genes" that get you amazing results with cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, energy, mental alertness, and more.

And now with the discovery of pterostilbene — the Super Resveratrol — you can get the same "age-decelerating" effect on your body as resveratrol — times 400%.

And the combination of pterostilbene plus resveratrol in BIO 4 is even more powerful: it doesn't just slow aging down, it slams the brakes on aging!

Your best days are yet to come
— thousands and thousands of them!

What will you do with all the extra years and the extra energy and youthfulness you'll feel? Anything you like!

People sometimes ask me what's the single most important medical advice I could give.

I give them this quote from the great scholar Samuel Johnson: "The future is purchased by the present."

Then I tell them: Use the present to purchase a future in which you will live a long, vital, healthy life.

How? Just do three things: exercise more, adopt healthy eating habits, and take
every day.

As the age-fighters in BIO 4 go to work in all your cells and organs, you'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel, and how much more you feel like doing.

And the great thing is, you'll be able to keep doing the things you love into your 70s, 80s and beyond, things like ...

  • Taking that trip to Hawaii or Paris that you always dreamed of
  • Having the mental energy to keep up with the youngsters at work
  • Golf, tennis, go hiking — and still have energy for dinner with friends
    in the evening
  • Be the active grandparent that your grandkids will love
  • Volunteer for your community or church group
  • Take up a new hobby like painting or piano
  • And more!

How long and how well do you want to live?

If I'm sure of one thing as a doctor, it's this: with this new BIO 4 breakthrough you do NOT have to get stuck in the swamp of premature aging ...

... losing your zest for life
... feeling tired all the time
... popping all kinds of pills as you grow older
... worrying about what the doctor might say next
... feeling in a mental fog
... dreading the loss of independence or worse
... spending more and more time in the hospital
... worrying about medical costs

Instead, you can look forward to spending your golden years feeling young, healthy, active, vital ... with all the energy you need to garden, golf, or play with grandkids ... looking forward to years of travel or volunteering or just hanging out with friends and family ... and more!

BIO 4 contains the "Hall of Fame" of the world's most powerful anti-aging nutrients

Working together synergistically, these four nutrients form a Super Resveratrol Complex that enhances your ability to fight aging like never before!

Feel younger now, stay young-hearted for decades

If you feel your zest for life draining way ... if you worry about or even dread the years ahead ... take action now. Take BIO 4 and feed your body with the world's most powerful anti-aging nutrients. BIO 4 creates younger cells throughout your body.

So I urge you: TAKE ACTION NOW. Invest in yourself. Invest in your life. Give yourself the very best protection against the ravages of aging.

Until now, the best way to fight aging (in addition to proper diet and exercise) was to take resveratrol!

Resveratrol has been justly celebrated all over the world for its ability to "rewire your DNA" to slow down aging ... to protect your heart and help stabilize heart numbers ... to help you manage your cholesterol ... to help stabilize blood sugar ... to boost energy and mental alertness ... to boost immunity and fight off diseases ... and more!

But now, with the four super nutrients in BIO 4 (I call it the Super Resveratrol Complex) you can get all the benefits of resveratrol TIMES 400%!

Will it work for you? There's one simple way to find out.

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Try BIO 4 now, completely risk-FREE for 90 days

I take it myself every day. I recommend it to everyone I know.

But I want you to experience the surge of life and youthfulness and energy for yourself. That's why I've arranged with the makers of BIO 4 to extend a special 100%, No-Questions-Asked, Hassle-Free, Money-Back Guarantee.

Quite simply: you must be satisfied or BIO 4 is free! Period.

Try it for a full 90 days, then you be the judge. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the results you experience, you'll get back every penny of your purchase price.

Plus, we're also offering you a ...

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But remember: BIO 4 is a special breakthrough formula not sold in stores.

So act now. Don't let aging call the shots; you call the shots! Give yourself the huge advantage of this Super Resveratrol Complex starting now.

I look forward to hearing from you and hearing how BIO 4 has changed your life, as it has for so many others.

Yours for living longer and better,

David Blyweiss, M.D.

P.S. The four nutrients in BIO 4 build up over time, for greater and greater results. That's why we're giving you a full 90 days risk-FREE to decide if BIO 4 is right for you. If you don't see significant improvements in energy, heart, circulation, metabolism ... if you're not satisfied for any reason ...BIO 4 is FREE!

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12 Tests That Could
Save Your Life!

One of the best ways to protect yourself against the ravages of aging is to make sure you're getting the right tests.

There are 12 simple but extremely revealing tests that EVERYONE over the age of 40 should get. But chances are, your doctor won't order them for you! These include ...

  • A test that can reveal declining heart health even if cholesterol levels are normal!
  • A test that uncovers 3 overlooked thyroid health markers. (Up to 59 million Americans have thyroid problems and many don't know it.)
  • A little-known test for chronic fatigue syndrome
  • And more!

These 12 tests shine a light on overlooked but common causes of ongoing health problems. Taking these tests could mean the difference between a straightforward solution and endless doctors visits and tests that do you no good.

12 Tests That Could Save Your Life is yours free when you try BIO 4 risk-FREE. And this invaluable report is yours to keep no matter what you decide.

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